Calvary Summer Session

The program is a direct ministry of Calvary Baptist Church Academy. It has been serving the Baltimore and DC metropolitan areas for over 20 years. This program distinguishes itself as a diverse faith-based summer day activity program. CBCA Summer Session provides parents with the peace of mind that their children are cared for by a motivated team of experienced individuals while providing children with an active non-stop schedule.

  • Safe

    We believe that in order to provide a summer full of fun for every child we must first ensure their saftey on and off campus.

  • Faith

    Our calling is to not only provide a safe and fun summer but to also to provide spiritual guidance and nurishment.

  • Serve

    We are thankful that you have chosen our program to support your family during the summer months and cherish this moment to serve you.

Our Team

Love God | Love People | Make a Difference

The heart of Summer Session is our faithful and dedicated team. Our families continually comment on the passion and heart our staff pump into each day. Each staff person has a unique and vital role in our vision. Together we work to ensure that our program loves God, loves people, and makes a difference in our community.

  • Lydia Henderson

  • BJ Henderson

    Assistant Director


We keep a very busy and active calendar. Each summer we organize and attend over 30 field trips in 7 weeks and serve over 150 families. Below you can find information about our hours of operation, calendar, rates, etc.

2017 Calendar

We will be open from June 12 through August 4.

Hours of Operation

We open Monday-Friday between the hours of 7AM and 6PM.

Program Specifics

We include all hours of operation in our weekly tution along with entrance to most off campus trips. We also provide each child with a simple nutirious breakfast and a nutrious afternoon snack. We do not provide lunch on a daily basis (A few field trips do include lunch).


We believe our pricing to be extrememly fair considering the avialable hours, included trips, professional staffing, and coordinated on-site activities. Additionally we do not require pre-registration and allow our parents to pay on a weekly basis. This means that you do not need to pre-register for any weeks and that you are not bound by any term contracts. You simply use our program when you need it, for however long you need it.

Pricing Table

One Child Two Children Three Children
$170 $330 $475

How To Register

You can submit your registration online using this form. Payments can be either mailed to: 407 Marley Station Road, Glen Burnie MD 21060 or dropped off Monday-Friday from 7AM - 6PM

Calvary Summer Session 2017 Online Registration

ou can submit your registration online using this form. Payments can be either mailed to: ADDRESS or dropped off Monday-Friday from 7AM - 6PM

    Children's Information

    Complete this section for each of the children you are enrolling. You may use this form for up to 4 children who live with you. If you need to enroll more than 4 children you will need to complete another registration form, but you will not be charged 2 registration fees.
    Child 1
    Child 2
    Child 3
    Child 4


    Please indicate ALL people who have permission to pick up your children enrolled in our program. Please include Names of all Parents/Step Parents and other legal guardians who have permission to pick up.


    Please download and sign the field trip and activities permission slip and include it with your $40 registration fee. The permission slip and fee may be either dropped of in person or mailed to: Calvary Summer Session Attn: Lydia Henderson 407 Marley Station Road Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060


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Field Trips

Summer 2017 Field Trips

We will be doing all of these activities throughout Summer 2017

    • Glen Burnie Bowl
    • Tropics @ Cascade Lake
    • Six Flags
    • SkyZone
    • Outdoor Laser Adventures
    • Annapolis US Naval Crusie
    • Maryland Science Center
    • Medieval times
    • Port Discovery
    • Red Zone Laser Tag
    • Chuck-E-Cheese
    • Ocean City, MD
    • Adventure Park USA
    • Rolling Video Games
    • Go Carts
    • Putt Putt
    • Lunch @ Anne's
    • Clean the Bay + Menhies

A Note From Mrs. Henderson

I am the Director of Calvary's Summer Session in Glen Burnie Maryland. Our program cares for children starting at 3 years of age through their early teen years. We guide children towards making safe, healthy and biblical world view decisions and likewise support our parents in leading their children towards obeying adults and respecting peers. My personal life calling is to Love God; Love People; and Make a Difference in the lives of the all our families.

– Lydia Henderson
Director since 2000



Call us at (443) 371 - 6503


Our directors may be directly contacted via email.
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